Exercise: App for Taxi Drivers – [Closing a Deal]

Another day, another English exercise

Let’s check some grammar

You can use “so” as part of your questions

  • So you work for Microsoft?
  • So you are a university student?
  • So you are a developer?
  • So you work for the government?

These are some examples of first conditional sentences with “can”

  • If we buy three computers, can we get a discount?
  • If we use your services, can you provide 24/7 support?
  • If we make a deal, can you extend a warranty?
  • If we sign a contract, can we start tomorrow?

Table of Contents


Read the dialogue and answer the exercise.

AHello Linda
BHi Daniel
ASo you work for Trident apps?
BYes, I am a developer there
AWe need an app for Taxi drivers in Costa Rica
BSomething like the Uber App
AYes, how much does an app like that cost?
BAround $125,000
AHow about support?
BFree support for the first six months
AAnd after that?
BEvery Additional month is $4000
AIf we sign a two-year support contract, can we get a discount?
BYes, $1000 off every month
AHow long does it take to build the app?
BAround six months
AThat’s great. It is a deal
BWhen should we start?
AAs soon as you can
BThank you

Manuel Campos, English Professor

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