Lesson Plan: Bangladeshi Culture [Traveling Etiquette]


Say these words aloud and check the pronunciation if necessary



Scan the text and figure out what the word in bold mean

Bangladesh is a relatively small country located in South Asia.

Bangladesh has a significant population, making it the eighth-most populous country in the world.

Bangladesh gained its independence in 1971 after a liberation war with Pakistan.

The country has since made significant progress in various sectors, including education, healthcare, and economic development. However, it still faces challenges such as poverty, overpopulation, and political instability.

Bangladesh has a rich cultural heritage, influenced by its historical connections with different civilizations and religions.

The predominant religion is Islam, and the official language is Bengali.

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Read the sentences and analyze if these are things you should or shouldn’t do when visiting Bangladesh.

When analyzing the sentences, use expressions such as:

#1I think #1 is true
#2I think #2 is false
#1I am not sure but I think #1 is False
#2I am not sure but I think #1 is True
#1I am 100% sure #1 is True
#2I am 100% sure #1 is False

True and false statements about Bangladeshi People

  1. You should respect elderly people.
  2. You can talk freely about how much money people make.
  3. You can criticize Islamism. Bangladeshis understand outsider views.
  4. You should expect the patriarch to make family decisions.
  5. You should bring expensive alcohol as gifts.
  6. You must invite Bengali people to eat Pork Products. They love pork.
  7. You shouldn’t open gifts in front of the giver.
  8. It is fine to compare Bangladeshis with Pakistani people.
  9. You should sit close during conversations. The proximity between people is OK
  10. You can show public displays of affection in Bangladesh.
  11. I recommend giving white flowers to business people in Bangladesh
  12. You should avoid talking about Cricket. Bangladeshi are not into that sport.
  13. Don’t shake hands with a woman unless she offers her hand first.
  14. I recommend using the left hand for receiving and offering gifts.
  15. You should never eat with your hands

Source: Bangladeshi Culture


Read the 15 sentences again and choose the one rule which is the most and the least strangest to you and explain why.

For example:

  • I think that [tradition/custom] is the [most strangest/ least strangest] to me because… [reasons]


Read these words to your partner and figure out what they mean

Do you know what these words mean?

To BreakDress
To complainPolite
To StickThankful
To MindRules
To keepManners
To TryYourself


Read the sentences carefully and categorize the recommendations into good or bad

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