How to Market Services and Products

During this lesson, you will learn to market services and products related to your major.

To do this, you will focus on the marketing mix


Let’s define each one of them:

  • Product: This refers to what the company is selling, which can be a physical good, services, or digital products.
  • Price: This refers to determining the value that a product will be sold for.
  • Place: This refers to the location, distribution, and ways of delivering the product to the customer.
  • Product: This refers to communicating the values and benefits of your products to your customers.

Let’s get started!

Task: Bingo (45 Mins)


Time to play a bingo to get familiar with the vocabulary

Let’s start by checking the words of the bingo in no more than 15 minutes

Now that you feel ready, it is time to check your bingo card

Individual Links

Task: Sentence Classification (15 Mins)


Read the sentences and classify the ideas into the different marketing mix categories

Task: Pronunciation (30 Mins)


Read the sentences and familiarize with its pronunciation

Make groups of three and make sure you focus on the pronunciation

Sentences for IT Experts
  1. I will create firewalls for clients.
  2. I will monitor sites and applications.
  3. I will clean hacked websites.
  4. I will work remotely.
  5. I will work with hosting providers.
  6. I will create a cyber security blog.
  7. I will create cyber security videos.
  8. I will collaborate with industry influencers.
  9. I will host free webinars every month.
  10. I will offer flexible pricing plans.
  11. I will offer discounts for long-term contracts.
  12. I will offer free trials to new customers.
Sentences for Energy Engineers
  1. I will install solar panels
  2. I will monitor energy savings
  3. I will provide maintenance services
  4. I will do site inspections.
  5. I will work with other energy engineers
  6. I will create a sustainable energy channel.
  7. I will collaborate with industry influencers.
  8. I will host free webinars every month.
  9. I will offer flexible pricing plans.
  10. I will offer discounts.
  11. I will offer affordable prices.

You will tell the following sentences to your professor

Main Task: Your Own Business

Task #4A

write your own marketing plan for a business

Follow these instructions:

  • Make groups of three
  • Think about a business that you want to start
  • Create a mind map using Canva, Genially or another tool you feel good about
  • In the mind map, include four keywords related to actions for each part of the marketing mix
  • Present your results


Task #5A

Write what the teachers asks you to.

Manuel Campos, English Professor

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