Lesson Plan: My Daily Routine in English

During this lesson, you will learn how to speak about your daily routine including task you do at work

You will learn about:

#1Things you do before work
#2Thing you do during work
#3Things you do after work
Let’s get started

Introduction (20 Mins)

Task# 1.0

Listen to a brief introduction of the course

During this section, we will go over a few things:

#3Virtual Campus

Schema Activation (20 Mins)


Read this short paragraph and introduce yourself to your classmates

Read this brief introduction template and fill it in with your personal information

My name is ____________ and I am ________________ years old.

I live in ________________.

I like to watch ________________.

I enjoy listening to ______________ and _______________ music

I have_________________, I also have __________________.

I spend some time _________________________

When you are ready, take turn telling this information to your classmates and your teacher

Vocabulary Introduction (20 Mins)


Check the words and make sure you understand the vocabulary


Now Classify the expression into categories

The categories we are going to use are the following

#1Before Work
#2During Work
#3After Work

Reading Task (30 Mins)


It it time to read

Click the link below so you can get the full instructions about the reading

Reading: Working for WordFence [Daily Routine]

Break (20 Mins)

Time off

Take a break , run free and wild.

Main Task (1 Hour)


Prepare for a presentation


  • Watch this Tik Tok Video
  • Prepare your own version of your daily routine.
  • Double check your grammar and pronunciation
  • Present the information to your professor



It it time to read

  1. Tell me about yourself. Give me all the information you can.
  2. Talk about your daily routine, describe what you do every day.
  3. Tell me about your work (Provide fictional informational)

Manuel Campos, English Professor

José Manuel

I am José Manuel and I am an English Teacher in Costa Rica who loves English. I have been teaching English for more than 8 years and I like sharing what I know with others