Lesson Plan: Present Progressive Sentences and Questions

During this lesson, you will learn how to make negative, affirmative and interrogative sentences with present progressive

For instance:

AffirmativeYou are creating a website
NegativeYou are not creating a website
Closed QuestionAre you creating a website?
Open QuestionWhy are you creating a website?

Let’s get started

Pre-Task #1: Present Progressive Examples (20 mins)


Watch the short clips and determine what type of sentence is


  1. Watch the video
  2. Understand each sentence
  3. Determine if it is (1) Affirmative sentence (2) Negative sentence (3) closed question and (4) open question
  4. Does any of the questions or sentences refers to future actions?

Pre-Task #2: Present Progressive Sentences and Questions (40 mins)


Read the sentences aloud to your professor

#1She is securing the website
#2She is optimizing the database
#3He is creating the primary menu
#4She is not creating the mega menu
#5She is not building the footer
#6She is not designing the author box
#7Are they creating custom fields?
#8Are they styling the header?
#9Are they optimizing images?
#10Why are you lazy loading the videos?
#11What security plugins are you testing?
#12What images are you compressing?

Pre-Task #3: Present Progressive Questions (35 Mins)


Individually open the link and create questions with the present continuous in Wordwall.


Make Pairs, then one of you asks what every member of the team is working on and one of you answers the question

Example of a question and an answer

A:Is Hanzell configuring the sitemaps?
B:No, he isn’t. He is customizing the dashboard

These are the tasks that every member of the team is working on

NamesActually Working on
ArianaCreate the primary menu
ArturoCreate the secondary menu
MadelineOptimize the database
HanzellCustomize the dashboard
AlejandraBuild a mega menu
PamelaCreate an interactive menu
WalterInline CSS
JairoStyle the header
ErickOptimize category pages
WesleyImplement a caching policy
IsaacClean up the database
FelipeTrash spam comments

Break (25 min)


Run wild and free for 25 mins

Main Task (1 Hour)


Use the present continuous in your conversation


  1. Make pairs
  2. Choose two phrases from the YouTube Video
  3. Prepare a short dialogue about an IT related matter
  4. Include the two sentences
  5. Present the dialogue
A25 Minutes for dialogue creation
B15 minutes for practicing
C20 minutes for the presentation

Post-Task: Writing


Write sentences based on the instructions given by your professor

  1. _________________________________
  2. _________________________________
  3. _________________________________
  4. _________________________________
  5. _________________________________

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