Listening Task: Job Interview Mistakes

In this task you are gonna learn more about Job Interview Tips. Before doing that, let’s check some useful phrases and words you should know

Let’s start with the vocabulary

Jot downtalk trash
hugered flag
show offsprinting
boostrun into

Let’s continue with some phrases

  • We are going to go over a number of points
  • We are going to go over the rules
  • Let’s go over the opportunities you will have
  • I am going to go over the facts
  • We are going to go over the findings in detail

Land a job means getting a job

  • I am having a hard time landing a job
  • What are my chances of landing a job?
  • We are here to land a job
  • I have no chance to land an attractive job
  • I need to land a job of any kind

Chances means opportunities or possibilities and it can be used with the preposition “of”

  • My chances of finding a new job
  • I have better chances of success
  • She is increasing her chances of landing a job
  • This is increases my chances of being accepted 

Use gerunds when starting a sentences with a verb

  • Arriving late
  • Showing up late for work
  • Drinking at work
  • Slacking off is something the company hates

Remember use the verbs in its continuous form after using the word “about”

  • You are passionate about joining the company
  • You are serious about starting a relationship
  • You are happy about landing a new job
  • You are sad about leaving this company


Listen to the recording and arrange the ideas in the order they were presented


Listen to the recording and fill in the blanks

Manuel Campos, English Professor

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