Reading Task: Energy Engineers and their Skills

Read the skills that these Energy Engineers have

Sasha – I collect and analyze data, customize software and spreadsheets, and I have, strong math and science skills.

Derek – I have strong time management skills and the ability to organize tasks effectively, I also have project management skills.

Krissia – I have the ability to recognize emerging problems and I take the initiative to identify solutions, such as fixing technical issues with equipment

Joseph – Sometimes I work independently, so I need to be proactive to find solutions to problems on my own and without a team.

Michael – I possess strong computer skills and I use software and programs such as AutoCAD, Microsoft Excel, and project management tools

Reading Comprehension Questions

Answer these questions according to the reading

  1. What skills does Sasha have?
  2. What software does Michael use?
  3. Who has project management skills?
  4. Who can work independently?
  5. Who is really good with computers?
  6. Who has the ability to identify new problems?

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