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SquatsTake care

Joshua’s Daily Routine

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I am Joshua. I am a web developer and designer and I have my own digital agency.

I work with Leslie, she is also a website designer

I manage around 50 sites for different clients

This is my routine, I usually wake up around 7, then I take a shower and I have breakfast at 7:30.

At 8 I usually update plugins and themes manually during an hour.

At 9 I check the security logs and I block bots and IP’S if necessary

At 10: I have a 30-minute break. I stretch, do some push ups and squats

At 10:30 I meet with 3 potential new clients.

At 12:00 I have lunch and I check and answer messages I got during the morning

From 1 to 3 I spend my time designing pages for my new clients

At 3: I take some time off to have a cup of coffee and check social media.

At 3:30 I monitor the uptime of all sites I manage

From 4 to 6 I take of care of special requests made by my current clients for an additional fee

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