Reading Task: All Data Got Wiped Out

Read these words and make sure you understand them

It is been a whileCatch up on
Give upa while ago
At leastWipe out
NightmareThat sucks

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Reading Task

Alex: Hey there, it’s been a while! How’s life ?

Sam: Hey, Alex! Yeah, life’s been good

Alex: Do you still watch anime?

Sam: of course, I am watching Jujutsu Kaisen and trying to catch up on One Piece

Alex: I gave up on One Pice a while ago

Sam: At least you should try watching the Live Action

Alex: I probably will

Sam: Are you still working on database management?

Alex: Yeah, I have been working in HP since 2016

Sam: Awesome

Alex: Life’s been good, but I had a bit of a tech disaster recently.

Sam: What happened?

Alex: All data of two servers was 100% wiped out.

Alex: That’s a nightmare. Did you have a backup?

Sam: I did, but it didn’t work

Alex: Man, that sucks man

Sam: How did your manager react?

Alex: Not great. They were understanding, but they hope I recover the data.

Sam: Why don’t you contact some recovery data experts?

Alex: Do you happen to know anybody who can do that?

Sam: I know Jack can give us a hand

Alex: You are right. He is an expert in data recovery

Sam: I will talk to Jack, I will text you tomorrow with the details he provides

Alex: Thanks, I appreciate that.


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