Reading Task: Blocking Suspicious IP and User Agent

Caller (C): Hello, is this the technical support line? I need some help with my website.

Support Agent: Yes, you’ve reached our technical support. How can I assist you today?

Caller: Great, I’ve been having some issues with unwanted traffic on my website. I believe it’s coming from a specific IP address and user agent. I’d like to block them both.

Support Agent: I’m sorry to hear that. Let’s get this sorted out. Could you provide me with the IP address and the user agent you want to block?

Caller: Of course. The IP address is, and the user agent is showing up as “BadBot/2.0”.

Support Agent: Thank you for providing the details. I will block the IP address and the user agent right away

Caller: Thank you

Support Agent: Do you have any additional questions or concerns?

Caller: Can you challenge all traffic from a specific country?

Support Agent: Sure, What countries do you want to challenge?

Caller: I want to challenge all traffic from Vietnam, India, Brazil, and Russia

Support Agent: Done

Caller: Thank you, you too. Goodbye!

Support Agent: Goodbye, take care!

Table of Contents

Task #1

In pairs or in groups of three, write tech-related sentences using these prompts:

#1I’ve been having…
#2I believe …
#4Thank you for …
#5I will…
#6I am sorry to hear that your…
#7I need some help with my…

Task #2

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