Reading Task: Cyber Security Specialist [Simple Past]

Read the text and identify specific information from it.

Yesterday, I had a typical day as a security specialist.

I woke up at 6 feeling refreshed and ready for the challenges ahead.

After doing push-ups, squats, and sit-ups, I prepared myself a coffee and a sandwich.

Once breakfast was finished, I said goodbye to my family and started my commute to work. While driving I listened to a cybersecurity podcast.

When I arrived at the office, I settled into my workstation and began reviewing any overnight security alerts.

I analyzed logs, assessed network traffic, and delved into security event data to identify any suspicious patterns or anomalies.

Around mid-morning, it was time for a quick break. I joined my colleagues in the breakroom, where we talked about last night’s basketball game and our weekend plans.

After the break, I returned to my desk and focused on conducting vulnerability assessments and penetration testing.

Lunchtime rolled around, and I headed to the office cafeteria with my colleagues. We chatted about Mr. Robot, The Boys and other Amazon Prime Video shows

In the afternoon, I participated in a team meeting where we discussed ongoing security projects.

As the workday drew to a close, I documented today’s progress. Then I shut down my computer and started my commute back home.

During my commute home, I listened to an audiobook called “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck”

When I got home, I played Minecraft and Roblox with my kids. We had so much fun.

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