Reading Task: Database Managers [Simple Past]

What do these words mean?

QuerySales Team
Free upResponse time

Reading: Liza – Database Manager

Yesterday, the database manager, Lisa, had a busy day at work. She arrived at the office early in the morning and started her day by checking her emails.

Then She received a request from the marketing department to update the customer database with new contact information.

Lisa immediately got to work. She logged into the database management system and updated the names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses accurately.

After updating the customer database, Lisa moved on to the next task. She received a report from the sales department, requesting some specific sales data from the previous month. She had to extract the relevant information from the database and generate a report for the sales team.

To accomplish this, Lisa created a SQL query to extract the necessary sales data. Once she was satisfied with the query, she executed it and obtained the desired data. Using this data, she created a detailed report with graphs and charts to present to the sales team.

Later in the afternoon, Lisa had a meeting with the IT team to discuss the database’s performance. She had noticed some slow response times and occasional errors while accessing certain records. During the meeting, they brainstormed possible solutions and decided to optimize the database indexes and perform some routine maintenance tasks to improve its efficiency.

After the meeting, Lisa spent some time performing the suggested optimizations. She reorganized the indexes, ran database integrity checks, and cleared temporary files to free up disk space.

Reading Comprehension Questions

Ask these reading comprehension questions to your partner.

  1. Who is the main protagonist in the text?
  2. At what time did Lisa arrive at the office?
  3. What was the first task Lisa received from the marketing department?
  4. What specific information did Lisa update in the customer database?
  5. What department requested the data from the previous month?
  6. What was the purpose of Lisa’s meeting with the IT team?
  7. What issues did Lisa notice with the database’s performance?
  8. Can you name three routine maintenance tasks Lisa performed on the database?
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