Reading Task: Jessy’s Daily Routine as a Database Manager

During this lesson, you will learn about the daily routine of a database manager from Nevada.

Before you get started, do you know what these words mean?

#1Protein bars
#2To commute to work
#4Slow queries
#5To head home
#6Walk my dogs
#7A couple of

Reading: Jessy’s Daily Routine


Read the text

Database Manager

I am Jessy and I am a database manager and I am going to tell you a little bit about my daily routine.

(1) I wake up around 7 every morning , (2) then I do exercises for 20 minutes.

(3 ) After exercising, I have a cup of coffee and some protein bars for breakfast.

(4) Then I take a shower and get dressed, (5) Around 8:40, I start my 10-minute commute to work

(6) First, I check the performance of the database systems, (7) After that, I check the integrity of the backups

(8) At 12, I have lunch with some good friends of mine

(9) After lunch, I identify slow queries and optimize them

(10) Around 4, I create stored procedures and check the database configuration.

(11) I finish work at 5 and head home

(12) When I get home, I walk my dogs, (12) I play Call of Duty for one hour or so.

(13) After that, I watch a couple of episodes of One Piece.

(14) I usually go to bed before 11.

Reading Comprehension Exercise


Identify the true statements

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