Reading Task: Phishing Attacks

Phishing is a cyberattack that involves tricking individuals into revealing their personal or sensitive information.

Read the sentences individually and identify which statements are true and which statements are false

  1. Phishing attacks can be carried out via legitimate and trustworthy communication channels.
  2. Email is the only medium through which phishing attacks occur.
  3. Legitimate organizations and government agencies never use email to request personal information.
  4. One way to prevent phishing is to check email sender addresses carefully to verify their authenticity.
  5. Clicking on any link or attachment in an email is always safe.
  6. Multi-factor authentication prevent phishing attacks.
  7. Never open email attachments unless you are certain they are safe.
  8. Phishing attacks are generally easy to detect due to spelling and grammatical errors in emails.
  9. Regularly updating your operating system and software can help prevent phishing attacks.

Now share with your classmates what sentences are true and what sentences are false

  1. Read the sentence
  2. Indicate if you think it is true or false
  3. If you disagree, explain why and try to reach an agreement

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