Reading Task: Visual Studio Code Extensions

Read the text, understand it, and then ask the questions to a partner

Sarah: Hey Mike, how’s your day going?

Mike: Hi Sarah! It’s been busy. How about you?

Sarah: Same here! By the way, have you come across any cool Visual Studio Code extensions lately?

Mike: I absolutely love “Live Server.” It’s a game-changer for front-end development. Just a click, and boom, you have a live local server running, It saves me so much time during testing and debugging.

Sarah: Have you tried “Github Copilot”? It’s an AI-powered assistant that suggests code snippets and even writes code for you.

Mike: Wow, that sounds amazing! I’ve heard about it but haven’t given it a try yet. I’ll definitely check it out. By the way, have you ever used “Peacock”?

Sarah: Yes, I have! “I use it to customize the color theme of your Visual Studio Code workspace so I can distinguish different projects visually.

Mike: have you ever tried “Colorize”? It’s fantastic for front-end development. It automatically detects and visualizes CSS colors in your code.

Sarah: No, I haven’t. I can’t live without “Prettier.” It automatically formats my code. Thanks for your recommendations

Mike: You’re welcome

Sarah: Absolutely, Thanks for the chat.

Task #1: Questions

Ask these questions to a partner

  1. What Visual Studio Code extension does Mike find particularly helpful for front-end development?
  2. What does “Live Server” do, according to Mike?
  3. What is “Github Copilot,” and how does it assist developers?
  4. Which extension does Sarah use to customize the color theme of her Visual Studio Code workspace?
  5. What does “Colorize” do, and why is it useful for front-end development?
  6. What is the purpose of the “Prettier” extension that Sarah mentioned?
  7. How does Mike feel about trying out “Github Copilot” after Sarah’s recommendation?

Task #2: True or False

Read the statements and identify whether the statements are true or false:

  1. Live Server” is a Visual Studio Code extension that allows you to run a live local server with a single click.
  2. “Github Copilot” is an AI-powered assistant that suggests and generates code snippets for developers.
  3. “Peacock” is a Visual Studio Code extension that helps customize the color theme of the workspace for better visual distinction between projects.
  4. “Colorize” automatically formats code in Visual Studio Code.
  5. “Prettier” is an extension that detects and visualizes CSS colors in your code for front-end development.
  6. Mike has used “Github Copilot” before.
  7. Sarah has used “Peacock”
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