Reading: Wind Farms

Read the text and answer the questions below

I am John and I am a Wind Energy Engineer.

I work in a wind farm.

A wind farm is a site designated to be used for wind power generation and It’s made up of a group of wind generators or Wind Turbines.

There are three types of wind farms. 

  • On-shore are located at least 3 km inland from the coast
  • Near-shore Wind Farms are located less than 3 km from the coast
  • Off-shore wind farms are located in the open sea or in lakes many miles from the shore

I work in a wind farm that is located around 5 kilometers from the Coast.

This wind farm consists of 55 wind turbines.

Wind farms can cost a lot of money to set up. This project cost $130m.

As a Wind Energy Engineer, I manage technicians and site workers and I provide technical support to designers.

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