Reading: Programmers on Reddit [Likes and Dislikes]

Check this vocabulary before jumping into the reading

StuckRight away
Way too longStuff
frickinCome along
YoungerHit the lotto

Read these Reddit comments that express how some people feel about programming,

Derek: I enjoy programming, but of course, you get frustrated when stuck on a problem for way too long. But solving that problem is a great feeling.

Arianny: I frickin love the work. The pay should get better with experience.

Dana: I’m passionate about it and I enjoy it when everything works, but not everything will work right away.

Alejandro: I have been a programmer for more than 25 years. I love what I do today. I love coding. I love creating things. I love that people use what I build.

Caleb: What I don’t love about programming is the other stuff that comes along with programming. Dealing with people, meetings, unrealistic expectations, and misunderstandings.

Kimberly: I love it, because I love to learn, and there is always something to learn. It’s also exhausting because there is always something to learn.

Daniel: I have to drink lots of coffee to find motivation. I really want to know but I don’t like it really. I find it frustratingly complicated sometimes and feel so desperate. And of course, I hate my current job. I wish I was 20 years younger.

Lucy: It’s not like coding is my favorite thing in the world or something I’d do consistently if I hit the lotto. I code in my free time every now and then and have a few personal projects. However, I mostly chose this career path for the money.

Answer these questions

  1. Who works on personal projects?
  2. Who mentioned money in their responses?
  3. Who is frustrated with programming?
  4. Who codes during her free time?
  5. Who likes learning new things?
  6. Who chose programming as a career for the money?
  7. Who hates her current job?
  8. Who dislikes unrealistic expectations?
  9. Who gets frustrated with problems?
  10. Who loves creating things?
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