Speaking: What Energy Engineers are doing [Present Continuous]

Make Pairs

Read what every member of the team is doing

One of you creates a question and one of you answers the questions this way:

A:Is Alvaro creating complex circuits?
B:No, he isn’t. He is monitoring HVAC systems

NamesDoing Not Doing
AlvaroCreate complex circuits.Monitor HVAC systems.
JeremyDetect anomalies in the systems.Create mixed circuits.
JaredCreate Integrated circuits.Monitor Power plants.
MaricelDevelop circuit breakers.Optimize circuits.
IsaacMonitor Energy savings.Assess energy projects
Fernanda CabezasDesign battery management systems.Monitor Power plants.
FabricioConduct Energy audits.Design circuits.
AbrilHelp reduce energy consumptionCheck the equipment
DanielaAssess energy performanceMonitor energy-intensive processes.
Fernanda MasisConduct power system studiesAnalyzing energy policies
NicoleIdentify energy issuesPromote Energy Conservation
KendallCoordinate a projectPredict energy demand
AnthonyPrepare budgets for projectsImplement emergency response plans.
Manuel Campos, English Professor

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