Reading Task: Swedish People [Traveling Etiquette]

During this short reading lesson, you will learn more about Sweden, the Swedish people and the cultural differences you should understand and respect.

Swedish People

Sweden is a country located in Northern Europe and it has a population of approximately 10.4 million people. The capital and largest city of Sweden is Stockholm.

Sweden has a high standard of living and is recognized for its strong welfare system, healthcare, and education.

The Swedish culture embraces a sense of social equality, and environmental consciousness.

The country is renowned for its emphasis on gender equality and has been a pioneer in promoting progressive policies in areas such as parental leave, LGBTQ+ rights, and sustainability.

When visiting Sweden, understanding and respecting cultural differences can greatly enhance your experience.

  • I suggest learning some basic Swedish phrases. While many Swedes speak excellent English, showing effort by learning greetings and polite expressions in Swedish can be appreciated and show respect for the local culture.

  • I recommend being punctual. Swedes value punctuality highly. Whether you’re meeting friends or attending a business meeting, being on time is important and shows respect for others’ time.

  • You should be mindful of personal space. Swedes typically appreciate personal space and privacy. Avoid standing too close to others in public places or initiating physical contact like hugging unless you know the person well.

  • You should avoid loud and disruptive behavior. Swedes tend to be quiet and reserved in public. Keeping your voice down and avoiding drawing unnecessary attention to yourself will help you blend in.

Overall, Sweden is a modern and prosperous country with a rich cultural heritage, high living standards, and a commitment to social progress.

Swedish Culture

Read the statements and write should or shouldn’t to make true statements about the Swedish people

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