Tips for an Oral Presentation

During this lesson, you will learn:

  • Tips for preparing yourself for an oral presentation.
  • Things you shouldn’t do if you really want to deliver a good oral presentation

Let’s begin with do’s and dont’s when delivering an oral presentations


Read the sentences and choose what the tips for delivering a good oral presentation are.

Tips for Choosing the Topic of my Presentation


Read the information and choose the topic for your presentation

The topic for your presentation:

  • Must be something related to your major.
  • Must be something relevant.
  • Must be something which is incredibly easy for you to understand and talk about.


Take some time to share your topic with your classmates so they can rate it based on the criteria used before.

  • Is the topic related to your major?
  • Is the topic relevant?
  • Is the topic easy to understand?

Tips for Writing an Introduction for my Presentation


Read the information and the example and start writing the introduction for your topic.

If you want to write a short and simple introduction, you should include a

#3Thesis Statement

Consider these before writing yours:

  1. The hook will be a question, a question we don’t know the answer to and whose response we are going to provide during our presentation.
  2. The background will be based on facts relevant to the topic we are gonna talk about.
  3. The Thesis statement will indicate that we are going to answer the questions and include three subtopics.

This is an example of an introduction following the the instruction above.

Most Privacy Focused and Secure Browsers

Have you ever had concerns about your privacy when browsing the internet? [HOOK] 

5.9 billion people around the world have access to the internet, and a substantial portion of them used the internet daily without thinking about their privacy.[BACKGROUND]

During this presentation, I will talk to you what the three most privacy focused browsers are [THESIS STATEMENT] 


Now take some time to share your introduction with a classmate, let him or her read it and listen to what he thinks.

Tips for Writing an Introduction for my Presentation


Read the information from the section and write the outline of your body paragraphs

These are the steps to write an outline

  • Identify thesis statement.
  • Find the three subtopics within the thesis statement.
  • Decide what points you would like to discuss for each subtopic
  • Put your points in logical, numerical order.

This is an example of my outline

Three Most Focused Private and Secure Browsers

#1 Mullvad

  1. Mullvad is available on Windows, Mac, Linux but not on Android.
  2. It is free.
  3. It uses Ublock Origin to block third party trackers.
  4. It is not chromium based.
  5. MullVad’s VPN service cost $9.99

#2 Brave

  1. Brave is available on all major platforms.
  2. It is free.
  3. Brave blocks third party trackers using a native tool.
  4. Brave is chromium based.
  5. Brave’s VPN service cost $9.99

#3 Tor

  1. Tor is available on all major platforms.
  2. It is free.
  3. Tor blocks third party trackers
  4. Tor is based on Firefox
  5. Tor doesn’t sell any VPN subscription

How to Write Body Paragraphs


Now write body paragraphs using the ideas from your outline

This is the example of the three body paragraphs of my presentation using the ideas taken from the outline

Most Focused and Secure Private Browser

#1 Mullvad

Mullvad, a privacy-focused VPN service, is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems but unfortunately not available on Android.

The best part is that it is free. Mullvad employs Ublock Origin to effectively block third-party trackers.

Unlike many browsers, it is not chromium-based.

To access the full range of Mullvad’s VPN services, you can subscribe for $9.99.

#2 Brave

Brave, a versatile web browser, is accessible on all major platforms and comes at no cost to its users.

It utilizes its native tools to block third-party trackers and is built upon the Chromium framework.

Brave offers a VPN service at a competitive price of $9.99.

#3 Tor

Tor, a popular choice for privacy-conscious users, is available on all major platforms and, just like the others, is entirely free.

Tor is based on the Firefox browser.

Unlike Mullvad and Brave, Tor does not offer any VPN subscriptions for sale.

How to Write a Conclusion


Understand the basic elements a conclusion must have and write your conclusion.

Conclusion for Privacy-Focused Browsers

If you browse the internet daily, you have to think about your online privacy. [restate]

You can go wrong if you pick Mullvad, Brave or Tor browser for your online activity since they are the best when it comes to privacy [Review]

Would you consider using one of these top browsers to ensure your online privacy and anonymity? [remind]

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