Lesson: How to Give Basic Opinions using Adjectives

In this lesson, you will learn about how to give basic opinions about work-related matters.

  • You will learn about positive and negative adjectives.
  • You will also learn about how to express agreement and disagreement

Let’s get started

Task #1: Hangman


Say the letters of the alphabet to figure out what the word is

Task #2: Positive and Negative Adjectives


Classify the adjectives into positive and negative adjectives

Task #3: Opinions about Work/Uni Related Matters


Give your opinion about these work/uni related matters

Before you start making your sentences, check these adverbs of degree and useful expressions

A bitFairly


  1. I think object oriented programming is pretty difficult.
  2. I think that learning PSeInt is quite easy

Task #4: Expressions to Agree and Disagree


Classify the adjectives into positive and negative adjectives

Main Task #5: Dialogue


Create a dialogue in which you talk about opinions about UNI or work-related matters

Make the dialogue has

  1. Greetings
  2. Small Talk
  3. Opinions
  4. Farewell

Pronunciation: Key Phrases


Pronounce the following expressions correctly

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