Lesson: Requests in English

During this lesson, you will learn how to make requests in English using modal verbs such as:


Examples of requests in English are:

Can you fix my old computer?
Could you do me a favor?
Would you mind checking the server?
Will you design the footer?

Time to make requests like your life depend on it

Schema: Match Questions and Answers


Change the position of the words to create a request in English

Task: Match Questions and Answers


Read the following sentences and match them with their respective answer by writing the number

#1Can you lend me $10?
#2Could you install windows on my computer?
#3Could you download all the files?
#4Will you change the color of the menu and sidebar?
#5Could you fix the mega menu?
#6Could you call the software company?
#7Would you mind using Zoom for the meeting?
#8Can you tell me where the copy machine is?
#9Will you buy this book for me online, please?
#10Can you come and clean the offices?


Practice asking and answering questions with a partner

Task: Reject and Accept Requests for Help


Read the following sentences and match them with their respective answer by writing the number

Main Task: Making Requests


Follow the instruction to create your own requests in English

  1. Check what every word means
  2. Figure out the pronunciation of every word
  3. Use “can”, “could”, “would” and “will” to make the sentences
  4. Share your questions with a partner



Read these sentences and make sure you know how to pronounce every word in them

  1. Can you check this code?
  2. Can you secure the website?
  3. Could you write some classes?
  4. Could you make changes to the application?
  5. Would you implement other Javascript libraries?
  6. Would you train other developers?
  7. Would you mind finding the error?
  8. Would you mind running some tests?
  9. I need you to create a website
  10. I need you to write better functions
  11. I want you to prepare all the documentation
  12. I need you to create a server

Manuel Campos, English Professor

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