How to Describe Services and Products in English

During this lesson, you will learn how to describe services and products in English.

You will be able to:

  • Identify Goods.
  • Identify Services.
  • Describe Goods and Services.

Let’s get started!

Pre-Task: Product or Service (30 mins)


Read the sentences and categorize them into goods and services


Don’t see the list and tell your partner a list of services and products that you can sell

Pre-Task: Positive or Negative (30 mins)


Check the words and classify them into positive and negative adjectives (20 mins)


Quiz your classmates and see if he remembers the meaning of the adjectives

Pre-Task: Descriptions (30 mins)


Read the sentences and become familiar with the pronunciation (30 mins)

  1. The training session is pretty affordable.
  2. The training workshop is outdated.
  3. The safety equipment is overpriced.
  4. The anemometer provides accurate data.
  5. The analysis has inaccurate data.
  6. The simulation tests are unreliable.
  7. I need easy-to-use energy sensors.
  8. The energy audits results are pretty reliable.
  9. The anemometer is a simple device.
  10. The batteries are durable.


Read the sentences aloud to your professor (30 mins)

Main Task (30 mins)


Prepare a dialogue in which you guys describe a product from Amazon (30 mins)

First: Choose a product

  1. Make pairs.
  2. Think about a product.
  3. Find two brands for that product on Amazon.
  4. Check the details such as price and product specification.

Secondly: Make a telephone call conversation in which you include

  1. Greetings
  2. Discussion about the product
  3. Farewell

Use at least three of these key phrases:

  1. What can you tell me about (this product)?
  2. It is made of . . .
  3. It can be used for . . .
  4. This product is better than…
  5. This is priced at…

Manuel Campos, English Professor

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