Lesson: Talk about my Soft Skills

In this lesson, you will learn how to talk about soft skills using the simple present.

Let’s start defining what soft skills are:

Soft skills refer to a set of attributes that are essential for effective interaction and collaboration with others in various settings, including the workplace.

These skills are not typically job-specific or technical in nature. Examples of soft skills include communication, teamwork, adaptability, problem-solving, time management, leadership, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution.

Manuel Campos – English Professor

Now that you know what soft skills are, it is time to practice.

Task #1: Soft Skills vs Hard Skills: Video


Watch the video and answer the questions about the differences between soft and hard skills

Task #2: Soft Skills vs Hard Skills


Pair up and read the sentences. Identify the ones that refer to soft skills and hard skills

Before you get started, check these structures:

#0I am …
#1I am good at …
#2I am a good …
#3I am able to…
#4I am skilled in…
#5I am proficient in…
#6I have experience in…

Task #3: What soft Skills Do you Have?


Read the soft skills and let your partner know the soft skills you have

Before you get started, remember the structures of most of the questions

#1Do you $verb?
#2Can you $verb?
#3Are you good at …?
#4Are you a good…?
#5Are you able to $verb…?

Here are some simple present questions about soft skills. You can answer them by saying yes or no or by giving a number from 1 to 10

  1. Do you have good communication skills?
  2. Are you a good listener?
  3. Are you a good collaborator?
  4. Can you work well in a team?
  5. Do you understand others’ perspectives easily?
  6. Can you adapt to new situations quickly?
  7. Are you a good problem-solver?
  8. Do you manage your time efficiently?
  9. Can you stay calm under pressure?
  10. Are you good at building relationships with others?
  11. Are you organized?
  12. Do you have a positive attitude?
  13. Are you able to motivate others?
  14. Do you take initiative in your work?
  15. Can you effectively manage conflicts?
  16. Do you have strong leadership skills?
  17. Can you give and receive constructive feedback well?
  18. Are you able to delegate tasks efficiently?
  19. Are you skilled at building professional relationships?
  20. Are you adaptable to changes?

Task #4: The Soft Skills I Have


Now tell us five soft skills that you have and why you think you have them

For example:

  • I think I am adaptable to changes as long as the changes make sense.
  • I don’t think I have leadership skills since I don’t really like management.

Task #5: Pronunciation Review


Read the words and focus on its correct pronunciation

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