Lesson: Talk about Professional Profiles

In this lesson, you will find tasks that will help you speak about your professional profile and the professional profile or others.

Task #1: Hangman


Figure out what the words related to professional profiles are:

Task #2: Unscramble the Sentences


Unscramble the word to create correct grammatical sentences

All these sentences have to do with the description of professional profile:

  1. Sharon / Castillo / name / is / Her
  2. Engineer / an / She / is / Environmental
  3. in / She / Heredia / lives
  4. experience / economy / circular / has / in / She
  5. has / efficiency / energy / experience / in / She
  6. Consulting / for / Boston / She / Group / works
  7. got / an / degree / She / environmental / engineering
  8. her / She / degree / from / TEC / got
  9. licenses / certifications / and / several / has / She
  10. an / Energy / is / also / She / Analyst / Research
  11. Spanish / She / and / speaks / English
  12. pressure / under / She / work / can

Task #3: True or False


Listen to the recording and fill in the blanks

Task #4: Matching


Match the questions with the best answer

AWhere do you work?
BWhat are your interests?
CWhy would you like to work here?
DWhat’s your name?
EWhere did you study high school?
FWhat are your strengths?
GWhat are your technical skills?
HWhat are your soft skills?
ICan you work under pressure?
JWhere did you get your degree?
KHow do your coworkers describe you?
LWhat’s your English level?
MWhat certificates do you have?
NWhat do you do?
ODo you have any previous work experience?

Main Task: Talk about a Professional Profile


Describe the professional profile of an Energy Engineer found on LinkedIn.

During this task, you will be given time to find a LinkedIn Profile of an Energy Engineer and talk about it.

Pay attention to:


Pronunciation Task:


Describe the professional profile of an Energy Engineer found on LinkedIn.

Manuel Campos, English Professor

José Manuel

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