Lesson: Department Problems and Solutions

In this lesson, you will learn how to report department problems and how to provide specific solutions to those problems.

These are the department we are going to focus on:

Information Technology

The Networking department is responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining computer networks.

The Server Management department is responsible for managing the operation and maintenance of servers.

The Cyber Security Department is responsible for focusing on protecting the organization’s digital assets from cyber threats.

The Database Management Department is responsible for handling the administration of databases.

The Technical Support Department is responsible for providing assistance to end-users with IT-related issues.

The Software Development Department is responsible for developing custom software applications.

Schema: Key Vocabulary


Categorize the keywords to understand more about IT department

Task #2: Department Issues


Write problems related to the different department

Write a problem for each one of the departments

For example:

  • We are having internet connectivity problems ( Present Continuous)
  • The website is taking 6 seconds to load. (Present Continuous)
  • My browser always redirects me to p*rn sites (Present Simple)
  • The client data seems to be missing (Present Simple)
  • I can’t update my Windows operating system (Modal Can)
  • The program is creating duplicate users (Present Continuous)

Double check your grammar and spelling before posting

Padlet : IT Departments

Task #3: Solving Department Issues


Solve three of the problems written by a classmate

Make pairs and choose six of the problems from different categories written by a classmate and write a solution for each of them

For example:

AThe program is creating duplicate users.
BThanks for you report, we will fix the bug right away


When you have your six problems, practice reading these to your partner.

Main Task #3: Solving Department Issues


Read the dialogue and analyze its parts

Server Management Department: Server Management , Joseph speaking, how can I help you?

User: Hello, I’m experiencing some issues with the website. It’s taking quite a long time to load, about 6 seconds.

Server Management Department: Thank you for reaching out. We apologize for the inconvenience. Can you please provide us with some additional details?

User: I’ve tried accessing the website from different devices and networks, and the loading time remains the same.

Server Management Department: Understood. Do you think the problem has to do with your internet connection?

User: I have checked other websites and they all load fine except mine.

Server Management Department: every single page on your web application loads in 6 seconds or more?

User: Yes, all of them

Server Management Department: Thank you for providing that information. we’ll check your server, web application, caching policy and CDN service in place as soon as possible.

User: Thank your for your assistance.

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