Lesson: How to Make Customer Support Queries

In this lesson you will find task that will help make and respond to customer support queries in English

Let’s begin with the definition of customer support queries

Customer support queries refer to questions, concerns, or issues raised by customers regarding a product or service. These queries can come in various forms, such as phone calls, emails, live chat messages, social media posts, or support tickets.

Manuel Campos – English Professor

Now it is time to practice.

Schema Activation


You will test your memory by remembering 7 words.

Pre-Task #1


You will figure out what different IT professional use on a regular basis

If you want to learn about the equipment IT professionals have problems with, we need to figure out what they use.

  1. What hardware do IT professionals use?
  2. What software do IT Professionals use?

Contribute to the Padlet by uploading a picture with its description.

Pre-Task #2


You will figure out what the most common problems related to equipment are.

When you need to say that there is something wrong with a piece of software or hardware, you usually say.

  • It is not working (Present Progressive)
  • It doesn’t work (Present Simple)

What other problems can software and hardware have?, Unscramble the word to find out:

Write the responses on your computer.

  1. fan / is / loud / PC / My /
  2. issues / compatibility / The / program / has /
  3. not / My / laptop / is / charging /
  4. overheating / is / The / CPU
  5. crashing / The / program / keeps/
  6. is / The / working / battery / not /
  7. dent / The / a / computer/ has / case
  8. license / I / the / activate / can’t /
  9. my / deleted / I / server /
  10. vulnerability / The/ plugin / has / a /
  11. server/ really / The/ slow / is /
  12. drive/ damaged / is / The / hard/

Pre-Task #3


Write a solution for each one the twelve problems

Use the future simple (will) to write solution for those problems

For example:

AThe monitor is cracked
BWe will replace it as soon as possible

Main Task: Conversation


You will create a phone conversation about making a custom support query

The conversation should include

ASupport agent greets and identifies himself/ herself
BCustomer identifies himself/ herself
ASupport agent offers help
BCustomer indicates the issue
ASupport agent gathers product information
BCustomer provides product information
ASupport agent provides solution
BCustomer asks for estimated time
AAgent provides estimated time
BCustomer thanks the agent

Check these expressions if you need them

Manuel Campos, English Professor

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