Lesson: How to Check the Status of a Project

When you have an IT job, you will probably have to check the status of projects and tasks assigned to third parties such agency

During this lesson, you will learn how to check the status of a project or task assigned to agencies or freelancers

Task #1: Match Questions and Answers


Match questions and answers

I will provide you with a question and an answer

  • Read it and understand it
  • Think about its possible question and answer
  • When indicated, go ask your question and see who has the answer

Task #2: Classification


You will categorize actions related to building a website and cleaning a hacked website.

Those previous expressions will help you speak about what you are doing right now

Task #3: Future Actions


In this task, you will learn how to talk about pending actions of your project

Task #4: Dialogue


In this task, you will arrange sentences and create a customer support dialogue


Pair up and take turns being customer support or the client

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