Lesson: Writing a Resume in English

During this lesson you will learn about the parts of a resume and how to write the different parts of it.

Task #1A

Read the word in Spanish and write the word in English

Task #2A

Read the sentences and tell your partner if you should include them or not on your resume

Task #2B

Prepare a recommendation for your classmates based on what you learn in your previous task

For Example:

  • If you are write your resume, include…, don’t include…

Task #3A

Match the section with its corresponding meaning

1Contact Information
3Professional Experience
6Licenses & Certifications
8Awards and Honors
11Hobbies and Interests

Task #4A

Speak about your professional life using this guide

Task #5A

Let’s create or update your LinkedIn profile

Manuel Campos, English Professor

Manuel Campos

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